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Dear players and followers,

I am thrilled to announce that I have reached a milestone in the development of Forbidden Archives by publishing the first version of my Game Design Document (GDD) on Notion! Writing this GDD has been a valuable exercise in clarifying my vision for the game, identifying key systems, and setting development priorities.

This first version of the Forbidden Archives GDD presents in detail the pillars, gameplay loops, and features that will make up my mystery and deduction game. By writing this document, I’ve gained a better understanding of the interactions between various game elements and refined my approach to development. Characters and other elements will be added as the GDD evolves.

To check out the GDD and learn more about Forbidden Archives, I invite you to click on this link to access it (french only).

In addition to this, I’ve also decided to centralize my project management process on Notion. Previously, I was using Trello to track my progress, but I found that Notion provided better integration with my GDD and made task management easier. With this centralization, I you can now better track my goals and I can move forward more effectively in developing Forbidden Archives.

I am eager to share the progress I mak. Stay tuned to my page for updates, previews, and news about Forbidden Archives. Please feel free to share your feedback and thoughts on my project. I greatly appreciate your support and interest in Forbidden Archives.

See you soon and thank you for joining me on this exciting journey!

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