Adding Doors for Environment Construction

Hello all gamers and deductors!

I am thrilled to announce a new update for “Forbidden Archives,” our deduction game that immerses you in a mysterious and captivating universe. And this time, we’ve added a feature that will allow you to customize your environment as you wish: doors!

Now, you can build your own rooms and buildings with doors to connect different areas of your environment. The door placement feature is easy to use: Simply right-click, select the all-white icon (yes, I haven’t made it yet), and place it where you want it.

I hope you enjoy this new feature and use it to create even more mysterious and fascinating environments. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with me so I can continue to improve “Forbidden Archives.”

Thank you for playing and deducing with me!

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Version 5 May 06, 2023

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