A downloadable game

You play as Aekan, a character with extra-sensory abilities, who wanders the surface of this world in search of the Ruligon, a magical artifact with great powers.

The game is still at the beginning of development, but thanks to your comments, I will regularly publish new updates

A Systemic Information Game

Aekan is a seeker of truth and you goal is to understand what's going on, and hopefully, your choices will have a memorable impact on the world.

A Procedural Infinite Open World

The game use a combinaison of various procedural algorithms to generate and infinite map with smooth transition between very different biomes.

Each city and each NPC are procedurally generated. Their goal are procedurally generated.

A Life Simulator

Each NPC is living creature with it's own internal chemistry that drives it's emotions and will.

A Story Generator

This game is not about testing your skills while taking down monsters.
It's about becoming the hero of your own story.

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